We are interested in all kinds of stuff--from your old basketball shoes, to entire warehouses or stores of stock, to old leather motorcycle jackets and vintage denim. We purchase both new and used items. If you think you have something we'd be interested in buying, please email us at purchasing@smallearth.com.

Please note: we do not give free estimates. Don't bother emailing if you aren't interested in selling.

Here are some of the old school shoes we're looking for:


  • Pre-1995 Nike Air Jordans and basketball shoes

  • Many early Nike running and basketball shoes from the 1970s and 1980s

  • Air Jordan, Dunk, Terminator, Team Convention, Blazer, Bruin, Footscape, Waffle Trainer, Oregon Waffle, Franchise, Sting, Air Python, Cortez,


  • Most any Adidas that were not made in an Asian country

  • Specific Adidas models we look for: Superstar, Jabbar, Top Ten, Dragon, ROM, Metro Attitude


  • Converse from the 1990s and earlier are best. We look for all non-current models.

  • Canvas high- and low-tops with Chuck Taylor on the heel

  • newer Converse that are funky in color or design, such as the fold-down tongue knee-highs

And of course we purchase many other brands, such as New Balance, Saucony, Puma, KangaRoos, and Onisuka Tiger Asic.

Email us if you have any questions about what we're looking for.